18-20 Jan 2017 ENS - IFÉ, 19 Allée de Fontenay, 69007 Lyon (France)



The conference is open to all - please present yourself at the reception desk upon arrival.

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In the field of culture, many studies have explored labor division along gender lines in the arts, as well as gendered aspects of cultural occupations on the one hand, and of audiences, practices, receptions, and uses of cultural contents and objects on the other hand.

However, links betweenthese two areas have seldom been studied in depth. Furthermore, the current renewed interest in mediation and intermediaries is rarely considered within a gender-based approach. This symposium aims to fill this gap by offering two and a half days of panels that will rethink the issues common to all three aspects (production, mediation, and consumption), within the specific context of the digital era, which thoroughly redefined the interactions between these aspects.

The field of culture is often symbolically considered as “feminine”, because it often features matrilineal transmissions, it values aesthetics, collaboration, sharing, and the like, and it is linked to the educational system, itself feminized.

Within this framework, resistances to feminization form a representative field to study women exclusion mechanisms. These processes, which are often invisible, legitimize and perpetuate sexual segregation, especially in labor organization and the art worlds, alongside which we may notice “gender utopias”.







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